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Gas Safety Checks Exeter

Gas Safety Checks & Landlords Certificates.

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Gas Safety Checks Exeter

We offer gas safety checks in Exeter for landlords renting out tennanted properties, Estate Agents lettings, & property managers in Exeter, with all surounding areas catered for.

As a landlord, it is your duty to ensure that a Gas Safety check, commonly known as a Landlord Safety Certificate, is conducted every 12 months. It is also your responsibility to maintain the pipework and flues within the property. All gas appliances that you provide to your tenants fall under your legal responsibility. However, if your tenant installs or uses any appliances that you did not provide, you are only responsible for the associated pipework or installation that you might have supplied.

It is important to maintain a record of all certifications for a minimum of two years and provide your tenant with a copy of the certificate. Additionally, any new tenants should receive a copy of the certificate before they move into the property..

Part of the gas safety check involves checking the gas boiler operations, flue checks, safety controls on the boiler, gas emissions/ gas working pressure etc.

Landlords have a legal obligation to make sure they have an up to date landlords gas safety check done for all gas appliances within the properties that are used as rentals. Gas appliances, such as gas boilers, gas fires, gas cookers and gas hobs all need to be checked for safe operation.

Other things we check for as part of the landlords check would be mains powered smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. These gas safety devices are checked for correct operation and carbon monoxide alarms are date checked to make sure they are fit for purpose.

Absolute Plumbing & Heating are experienced at gas safety checks and are gas safe trained. We offer our services to customers in domestic properties who may be letting agents, private landlords etc.

Additionally, we offer our gas safety services to potential homebuyers, enabling you to evaluate the safety of gas appliances within a property you intend to purchase.

Introducing Our Comprehensive Landlord Safety Check Services

Other checks for the landlord that we offer:Please fell free to make an enquiry about central heating installation or boiler repairs. We don't limited our services to just gas works, we also provide plumbing & kitchen and bathroom plumbing.

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Landlord Gas Safety Checks

A list of what landlord safety checks are done:

  • Gas rating
  • Flue integrity
  • Visual check of gas appliances
  • Test flue gases with gas analyzer
  • Gas appliances air supply
  • Gas appliance safety devices check
  • Test gas operating pressure
  • Test boilers operational controls
  • Co2 alarms test: Installed correctly & in date / working
  • Smoke alarms test
  • Leave an up to date landlords cp12 document.

Landlord Safety Checks

We offer the following landlord services:

  • Gas safety inspections
  • Cooker / Gas hobs gas safety checks
  • Gas pipework installation
  • Gas combi boiler installation
  • Radiator installation & repair
  • Central heating powerflush & treatment
  • Boiler replacements
  • Boiler breakdowns
  • Boiler service
  • Plumbing
  • Gas pipework installations / alterations

We provide landlords & estate agents with a range of gas services in and around the Exeter area.

Please contact Absolute Plumbing on: 07766501664 to arrange an appointment, or alternatively use the contact Email:

Gas Appliance Safety Check

A gas safety check is a thorough inspection of gas appliances, pipework, and other components of a gas installation carried out by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure that they are safe to use.

The purpose of a gas safety check is to identify any potential gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, or other safety hazards that could pose a risk to the occupants of the property. The inspection will also check that the gas appliances are operating efficiently and are not wasting energy.

Gas safety checks are required by law in the UK for landlords who rent out properties, and should be carried out annually.

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